Absentee Voting

If you would like to be on our Permanent Absent Voter list please click on the following link and follow the prompts to register online https://mvic.sos.state.mi.us/.. If you are having any trouble please contact the Clerks department.

Michigan is an absentee voting state.  An absentee application must be signed for EACH election and returned to the Clerk's office to receive a ballot. If you reside on the Permanent Absent Voter list you will automatically be mailed an application, not a ballot

ABSENTEE VOTING-What You Need to Know Click Here

To verify you are registered to vote in the community in which you live, visit the Michigan Voter Information Center website or call our office and speak with someone in the Clerk’s department.

Information Regarding Proposal 2018-3

Polling Places:

**All precincts will now be held at the new Oceola Community Center

Precinct 1: Oceola Community Center, 1661 N Latson Road

Precinct 2: Oceola Community Center, 1661 N Latson Road 

Precinct 3: Oceola Community Center, 1661 N Latson Road 

Precinct 4: Oceola Community Center, 1661 N Latson Road 

Precinct 5: Oceola Community Center, 1661 N Latson Road 


If you have any questions please call the Clerk’s office.

Voter Participation Center Mailing

The Bureau of Elections has received word that the Voter Participation Center (VPC) and Center for Voter Information (CVI) will once again be mailing voter registration forms to possible unregistered voters across the state. When applicants return completed forms to the BOE, we will sort them and send them to the appropriate local clerk.

Other than the approval of the voter registration form, the BOE doesn’t have any other connection to this project.

If voters have questions regarding how these organizations obtained their nonregistration or registration information, direct them to VPC via email info@voterparticipation.org or telephone: 877-255-6750 or CVI’s website. The VPC logo seen above may help you when communicating with your voters.